Pine Island Water Treatment and Pool Supply

Pool Services

The business of water treatment is nothing new to Roy and Donna Barticciotto, since they run over a hundred of the same size plants in New York for CEMCO water and wastewater specialists. Commuting a couple of times, a month became a way of life for Roy until the couple decided to stay on full time and open their own water treatment and pool supply store on Stringfellow Road.
The Barticciotto’s wanted a chance to do something beneficial for Pine Island and wanted to bring a Water Treatment and Pool supply store to the island. As far as water treatment for their customers, they do not plan to do any of the installations, but rather selling the equipment, and encourage customers to use local island plumbers for installations. They believe islanders should utilize local businesses and support one another whenever possible.
They will be selling whole house filtration systems and they encourage their customers to stop in for a sample and taste the difference. They have a selection of life vests, kayaks and paddleboards and wholesale bleach is also available.
The Barticciotto’s emphasize that they have additional space that they are happy to use to help with community needs, such as hosting events and good causes, in true island style. The ATM on the property will also remain.
Please check out the article on March 14th- Pine Island Eagle…/pine-island-water…/
They are located at 10171 Stringfellow Road, St. James City.
Call 239-308-5549