Kick Start Florida

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Kick Start Bloody Mary Mix

Kick Start Florida is a veteran owned and operated business in Saint James City, FL.
We distribute and sell Kick-Start Bloody Mary Mix.
Kick Start Bloody Mary Mix comes in both Original and Cajun.
Kick Start Bloody Mary Mix is full of only top shelf ingredients for a gourmet top shelf taste. “Fuling Suggestions” Regular, Mid-Grade and high Octane on the label will help you prepare your beverage. “Fine Tuning Suggestions” helps you garnish your beverage for a delicious cocktail like none other!!!

KSF came together because of people helping each other after hurricane Ian. Come enjoy a Bloody Mary and Kick Start your day!!!

Kick Start is excellent for cooking too!



Proudly Served at American Legion Post 136, Saint James City, FL


Veteran owned and operated.