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Tanya has lived on Pine Island for over 12 years now and loves the local vibe & community present here. Many have been working with her to improve their quality of life in retirement by learning mindful movements. Tanya has a well-rounded background in anatomy and movement with a background as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Licensed Massage Therapist, and with over 500 hours as a registered yoga teacher, she is able to help you find your mobility and wellness needs.

Tanya is offering accessible group yoga sessions, personal rehabilitative therapeutic exercise sessions & therapeutic massage to address wellness needs. Group yoga classes currently are virtual while in-person private yoga & therapeutic bodywork sessions are available on island to help you achieve the best quality living possible.

Below you will find descriptions of her offerings. Or you can click here to view or download a PDF.

Mindfulness, Improved Mobility & Yoga

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Yoga for Everybody with Tanya $15*

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-10:15 am

A virtual group yoga class that is modifiable to fit almost all levels. The intention is to help practitioners develop and understand their body, mobility, and have an experience that is all their own! The virtual platform will allow us all to maintain community and the practices. Props are still used, if you do not have props, there are plenty of household items that can substitute.
Recommended – two blocks or books that can mimic, a strap or belt, and a blanket or towel.

Strength & Stamina at the Wall

Wednesdays 10-11:10 am

Poses will include standing, sitting, lying down & variations of mild supported inversions. The practice is oriented towards challenging one physically & mentally. The wall provides support while allowing one to challenge their strength & stamina.

Poses will be held to build strength & help ground oneself. Mindful controlled movements will help to develop ease within the efforts.

Restore Balance

Wednesdays 3-4 pm

During this hour we go through a restorative practice where I create a practice that is intended to nurture you and support you so that you can surrender. We do fewer poses and spend more time in the poses receiving the benefits of a restorative practice. I set up the pose and settle in right along with you.

Required for this class – 1 bolster or a few pillows from around the house, 2 blocks, 2 blankets or large towels and an 8′ or 10′ yoga strap. We will also occasionally use a folded chair.

3 Pillars of Yoga

Saturdays 9-10:15 am

Yoga is based on much more than movement. In this class we will begin the practice with physical movements, asana that will prepare us to end with some seated breath-work, pranayama and end with the opportunity to sit in stillness, meditation.

The movement part of the practice is much like Yoga for Everybody, we are just expanding to integrate more of the benefits of yoga!


Private Yoga Sessions $80*

By Appointment – in person or virtually

Private yoga sessions are so beneficial to progressing or starting a practice. Private yoga offers you the ability to focus on personal interests, concerns or goals. Individual sessions are therapeutic as the time is tailored specifically to your interests in yoga, injuries and specific needs within each pose. The potential to build a practice that carries you through this lifetime is faster in private sessions compared to group settings at the attention is all yours. A deeper relationship with a teacher is developed through personal growth on the mat which helps you to grow personally and in your practice.

Therapeutic Body Work Sessions $80*

By Appointment – 239.297.8770

Ever had an experience where stress did NOT leave your body feeling congested?

We all have experiences that lend to stress accumulating in our bodies. One experience may not seem so bad, however, when moments are repeatedly unattended to, the efficient design of the body is altered and we are left experiencing limited daily mobility, chronic pain and sometimes dis-ease.

One of my teachers says, “In order for the body to heal, old blood must move out & new blood must move in.” -Dale Alexandar

The “Inside-Out Paradigm” is a collection of therapeutic work designed to release stress and tension from the inside outward. When the body has more internal room to function; we feel better, pain is better managed, and issues have the possibility of improving or being eliminated.